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The Center’s main aim is to integrate deep theoretical knowledge and creativity with applied problems in biomedicine, contextualizing their ethical dimensions historically and socially. Efforts are made to promote cross-disciplinary work.

The Centers’ researchers’ interests encompass moral theory and the intersections among bioethics, law, religion, and social history. The research methodology includes a polemic and normative approach as well as qualitative and quantitative research methods. Collaborative research is held across a range of disciplines and with various professionals.

Another branch of research is the socio-historical and moral ideas in the representation of illness and medicine in visual art.

Ongoing research projects

1.    Therapeutic Jurisprudence and Involuntary Commitment in Psychiatry

2.    Autonomy and Coercion in Mental Health – a Qualitative Analysis

3.    Teaching Nursing Ethics in a Foreign Language

4.    Socio-legal instruments relating to Ageing

5.     Conscientious objection and medicine



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