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Conversational AI Ethics

Asman O, Tal A, Barilan YM, Conversational Artificial Intelligence - Patient Alliance Turing Test and the Search for Authenticity. American Journal of Bioethics,  Vol. 23(5) 62-64, 2023.


Resource Allocation

Barilan YM, Allocation of Respirators in the Coronavirus Crisis in Israel: An Ethical Analysis and A Scheme for Triage,  The Israel Medical Association Journal Vol 23 p. 274-278, 2021.


Autonomy, Coercion and the Law


Resource Allocation

Gold A., Greenberg B., Strous R., Asman O., When Do Caregivers Ignore the Veil of Ignorance?  An empirical Study on Medical Triage Decision-Making, Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 24(2), pp. 213-225, 2021.


End of Life Care

Asman O, Barilan YM, End-of-Life Medical Decisions in Israeli Law–How Jewish Law Represents a Balance Between Principlist and Situationist Approaches to Medical Law, Philosophy and Medicine vol. 136. Springer Academic Publishing, pp. 105-115, 2020


Research Ethics

Asman O, Barilan YM. A Solidarity-Based Framework for Ethical Clinical Research in CBRNE Crises.  Ethics and Law for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear & Explosive Crises Vo. 20, Springer Academic Publishing, pp. 135-145, 2019. 



Recent Publications

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