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Clinical Ethics 

Brusa M, Barilan YM, Voluntary COVID-19 vaccination of children: a social responsibility, Journal of Medical Ethics Volume 47, Issue 8


Resource Allocation

Barilan YM, Allocation of Respirators in the Coronavirus Crisis in Israel: An Ethical Analysis and A Scheme for Triage,  The Israel Medical Association Journal Vol 23 p. 274-278, 2021.


Autonomy, Coercion and the Law

Joury S. Asman O., Gold A, Compulsory Treatment of Physical Illness in Involuntarily Psychiatric Hospitalization:  A Survey for Doctors and Nurses. 
Nursing Ethics (accepted, 2022) 



Resource Allocation

Gold A., Greenberg B., Strous R., Asman O., When Do Caregivers Ignore the Veil of Ignorance?  An empirical Study on Medical Triage Decision-Making, Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 24(2), pp. 213-225, 2021.


End of Life Care

Asman O, Barilan YM, End-of-Life Medical Decisions in Israeli Law–How Jewish Law Represents a Balance Between Principlist and Situationist Approaches to Medical Law, Philosophy and Medicine vol. 136. Springer Academic Publishing, pp. 105-115, 2020


Research Ethics

Asman O, Barilan YM. A Solidarity-Based Framework for Ethical Clinical Research in CBRNE Crises.  Ethics and Law for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear & Explosive Crises Vo. 20, Springer Academic Publishing, pp. 135-145, 2019. 



Recent Publications

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