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Bioethics and Law Seminar


  • Yechiel Michael Barilan, MD, MA. Department of Medical Education, Sackler Faculty of  Medicine

  • Oren Asman, LLD, Adv. Department of Nursing, Sackler Faculty of Medicine


About the seminar

​The Seminar focuses on various bio-ethical and medico-legal matters, during the academic year.  Some  meetings focus on core bio-ethical texts, papers or chapters; while other include research students' and researchers presentation of works-in-progress, master-class lectures of guests from aroudn the world.  Topics over the years included: privacy, virtue ethics, utilitarianism, deontology, moral psychology, human dignity and human rights, Jewish Bioethics, clinical ethics, etc.


In the 2022-2023 meetings are planned to be held mostly online, on Tuesdays. 

The Bioethics and Law Seminar for the academic year 2022-2023. Semester B

(1) Human Rights, Elder rights and the rights of persons with Disabilities, Prof. Michael A. Stein, Harvard Law School Project on Disabilities. May 2023, On campus [In English) 


(2) Ethics and Law in disaster preparedness, Examples from Ukraine (with colleagues from Kyiv). Date to Be Determined. [In English]


Participants: Bioethics research students, Faculty, Jurists, Philosophers, Health care professionals.

For more information and to join us: contact us 

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