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Aims and activities

The Bioethics and Law Center began as an interdisciplinary, cross-faculty, and all-inclusive initiative at the University of Tel Aviv in March 2018. It aims to advance interprofessional collaboration and education in the sphere of Bioethics, Health Law, and Medical Humanities.  The Center was formally inaugurated in September 2018 during the 24th World Congress on Medical Law and Bioethics.



  • To advance interprofessional deliberation, research and education in Bioethics, Health Law, and Medical Humanities to promote dignity and human rights.

  • To include health professionals, scientists, policymakers, and the general public in a bioethical and health-care policy deliberation through seminars, workshops, conferences and work-groups.

  • To support   research students and Faculty,  local and international and foster a new generation of researchers in bioethics and health law.

  • To further develop, support and strengthen the ethics programs at TAU, and at its teaching hospitals and affiliated facilities.


Explore and join our:   

  • Faculty and Research Students Bioethics Seminar  
    Deep dive into Bioethical literature and deliberation at our bi-weekly bioethics seminar


  • A hybrid (English taught) Nursing Ethics Course 
    This newly developed course is open to TAU and International students.


  • Ethics and Law in Disaster and Emergency Management Course (English taught): 
    This course is open to International Students   


  • Resources for further education and teaching
    On our Website, Facebook account and YouTube Channel you may Find a large collection of lectures, interviews and discussion on Bioethical and Medico-legal topics. Those include   Mental Disability Law, End of life, Reproductive technologies, Patient’s Autonomy, Medicine and Privacy, Ethics in Genetics and Medical Technology, Ethics during pandemics, Humanitarian Medicine and ethics, Research ethics, etc. 


  •  Research Opportunities for Research Students, visiting students and Faculty
    If you are considering writing your master thesis or doctoral dissertation on Bioethics or Health care law and policy matters, you may find an academic home with us. Visiting scholars as well as short and long term visiting students join us for short term summer visits as well as for longer visits, working on any of the many projects varying from nursing ethics to precision medicine. 


  • Academic events: Conferences, workshops, webinars
    The Center holds academic events in collaboration with other academic centers, universities and professional associations for diverse audiences: students, health care professionals, jurists, philosophers, etc.  
    If you are interested in taking part in those events, or have an idea for a workshop or a conference, please let us know.  

    Contact us:


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