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Bioethics and Law Seminar


  • Yechiel Michael Barilan, MD, MA. Department of Medical Education, Sackler Faculty of  Medicine

  • Oren Asman, LLD, Adv. Department of Nursing, Sackler Faculty of Medicine


About the seminar

​The Seminar focuses on various bio-ethical and medico-legal matters, during the academic year.  Some  meetings focus on core bio-ethical texts, papers or chapters; while other include research students' and researchers presentation of works-in-progress, master-class lectures of guests from aroudn the world.  Topics over the years included: privacy, virtue ethics, utilitarianism, deontology, moral psychology, human dignity and human rights, Jewish Bioethics, clinical ethics, etc.


In the 2022-2023 meetings are planned to be held mostly online, on Tuesdays. While most meetings are in Hebrew, A few of the meetings will be held in English [See below]

The Bioethics and Law Seminar for the academic year 2022-2023. Semester A

* The reading material may be either in Hebrew or in English.

We encourage international participation ! If you do not speak Hebrew and wish to attend meetings, please let us know prior to the meetings, as the discussion and presentation language alternate between Hebrew and English.



(1) Autonomy in Law and Medical Ethics:  Involuntary treatment and psychiatric hospitlization and Therapeutic Jurisprudence. November 8, 2022.








  • Asman  O., Mark M., Raz D., תורת המשפט הטיפולי  וחשיבות הטמעתה בעבודת הוועדות הפסיכיאטריות המחוזיות , The Value of Therapeutic Jurisprudence in the Work of the District Psychiatric Committees (In Hebrew).
    "Refua'h Umishpat" , Vol. 53

  • Joury S. Asman O., Gold A, Compulsory Treatment of Physical Illness in Involuntarily Psychiatric Hospitalization:  A Survey for Doctors and Nurses. Nursing Ethics (forthcoming)


(2) Current research and deliberation:  Assisted reproduction, Ethics and Genetics: Following the switched embryo Israeli case. November 22, 2022, 4.15pm IDT


(3) Ethics in Psychotherapy. December 6, 2022, 4.15pm IDT (10am EST)



  • Asman O., Margolin J., Wieztum E., The Ethical and Legal Implications of Outrageous Behavior Toward Mental Health Patients (In Hebrew) “Sihot” – An Israeli Journal of Psychotherapy, Vol. 37,1,1-5.

(4) Conscientious objection in medical treatment and lack of discrimination - between ethics and law,  January 3, 2023, 4.15pm IDT (10am EST)


Participants: Bioethics research students, Faculty, Jurists, Philosophers, Health care professionals.

For more information and to join us: contact us 

[The video is the recording of a similar presentation in English as presented at the Harvard Program in Psychiatry and the Law]

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