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Nursing and Law group


  • Prof. Nili Tabak, PhD, RN, LLB, Department of Nursing Sackler Faculty of Medicine

  • Ms. Adi Liberty, RN, LLM, Department of Nursing Sackler Faculty of Medicine

About the group:

The nursing profession is at the core of various bioethical and legal conflicts and matters. Even more so with the development of new technologies, changes in nurses professional training and authorities etc. The group meets regularly to discuss various matters in this regard.


 The groups has regular meetings during the academic year, focusing on various matters related to nursing law and ethics.

Meetings are held in the Steyer School of Health Professions. Pre-registration is required. 


Most of the group is consisted of experienced registered nurses, many of which hold a law degree as well, as well as the occasional jurists or other professionals.


Nili Tabak

Prof. Nili Tabak is the former head of the Ethics Unit and former head of the School of Health Professions, Tel Aviv University. She holds a B.A in Nursing, M.A. in Criminology, Ph.D. in Philosophy, and L.L.B in Law. Her research interests and areas include: Sexual harassment among hospital nurses, perceptions towards human cloning, white lies.

Professor, Nursing Department, Tel Aviv University

Ady Liberty

Ms. Ady Liberty is a Lecturer on Ethics and Law at the Nursing Department, Faculty of Medicine, University of Tel Aviv, Israel.  

RN, LLM, Department of Nursing Sackler Faculty of Medicine

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