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Genetics and Ethics  


  • Roy Gilbar, LLM, PhD, Netania Academic College

  • Shiri Shkedi-Rafid, MSc, PhD, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

About the Forum:

The Gen-Ethics Club is a multidisciplinary forum aimed at discussing ethical and practical dilemmas encountered by healthcare professionals involved in genetic testing and counseling. The original GenEthics forum was established in Oxford, UK as part of the Ethox Center.


3-4 meetings per academic year including case based dicsussions and presenation of academic research.



Genetic Counselors, physicians and nurses in the sphere of genetics, Gynecology, oncology, gastroenterology, genetic laborants, Researchers from social sciences, philosophy and law dealing with bioethics and genetics.

Shiri Shkedi-Rafid

Dr. Shiri Shkedi-Rafid is a genetic counselor and post-doctoral researcher in social and ethical aspects of genetics. In her doctoral work, which was undertaken at King’s College, London, she focused on genetic testing in individuals with no family history of the tested condition. Shiri is now the director for the genetic counselling master program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and a principal genetic counsellor at the Hadassah Medical Centre, Jerusalem. She recently co-founded the Israeli Centre for Genetics and Society, which aims to promote public discourse and understanding of genetic information.

MSc, PhD, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Roy Gilbar

Dr. Gilbar's primary interests are medical law, bioethics and socio-legal aspects of health care. He is an honorary senior lecturer at Leicester Law School, University of Leicester. Dr. Gilbar is currently a Senior Lecturer at the School of Law, Netanya Academic College, Israel. 

LLM, PhD, Netania Academic College

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